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SEAREFICO đạt chuẩn Công bố thông tin năm 2019 – CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN CƠ ĐIỆN LẠNH SEAREE


Congratulations to SEAREFICO to be one of the Listed Company (LC) qualified for Disclosure standards in the Information Disclosure Survey 2019 organized by Vietstock in collaboration with the Finance and Life Newspaper (FiLi) to honor list of listed companies with most transparent - fast - effective Investor Relations (IR) activities on Vietnam's stock market.

Disclosure is a mandatory obligation for all listed companies on two stock exchanges in Vietnam. This is not only an obligation but also the responsibility of listed companies to the investor community in general and shareholders in particular.

The survey results showed that the number of enterprises that correctly and fully complied with the disclosure obligations on both stock exchanges (HOSE and HNX) was 259 out of 713 listed companies, corresponding to the rate of 36.33%.
Through the above graph, it can be seen that the total number of listed companies surveyed in 2019 increased by 27 enterprises compared to 2018. However, the number of listed companies meeting the standards decreased by 7, corresponding to a reduction rate of 2.45%.

The change in the Disclosure regulations of Circulars 155/2015 / TT-BTC (effective since 2016) compared to Circulars 52/2012 / TT-BTC created many difficulties for the ability to fully responding obligations of enterprises, leading to a decrease in the number and proportion of enterprises meeting the Disclosure standards in 2017 with only 114 enterprises.

All the above analysis shows that meeting the Disclosure obligation to comply with regulations is not easy. However, this will help increase the quality of IR of the LC to a new level and thereby improve investment value for shareholders. In which, SRF has achieved CBTT standards in 2019.

Source: Excerpt from the list of listed companies meeting Disclosure standards 2019 voted by Vietstock & FiLi.



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